About Us

The Grand Mesa Water Conservancy District (GMWCD) was established in 1949, pursuant to the 1936 Colorado Water Conservancy Act.  Its boundaries encompass approximately 500 square miles on the south side of the Grand Mesa including the Surface Creek Valley that cradles the towns of Cedaredge and Orchard City, the latter  including Eckert, Austin and Cory in Delta County, Colorado.


GMWCD Projects

Many of the reservoirs on the Grand Mesa are more than a century old.  During the past few decades water storage on the Mesa has been decreasing because old dams need expensive repairs that cannot be afforded by their owners.  This loss in storage comes at a time of increasing demand for water resources. The GMWCD has undertaken the rehabilitation of old reservoirs in order to preserve storage capacity on the Grand Mesa.


Preserving and protecting water resources in the District.